Xweather, a graphically stunning Earth browser tool, shows users a wide range of global extreme weather events, including hurricanes, cyclones and other severe storms, as well as volcanic eruptions, large wildfires, and floods. Download Xweather to discover and explore near-real time Earth-changing events in a unique digital context.

With Xweather on your mobile device,
you stay current on worldwide extreme weather events.

According to the Global Climate Risk Index between 1990 and 2009 there were nearly 14,000 extreme weather events worldwide, causing more than 650,000 deaths and financial losses exceeding $2.1 trillion. In 2010, in the ten most impacted countries alone more than 60,000 people died and more than $82 billion dollars were lost as a direct consequence of extreme weather. From the "snowpocalypse" in the Northeast U.S. to the floods in Thailand, 2011 was one of the most active and perhaps the most expensive year for extreme weather events. In the United States, extreme weather set a record with 14 events causing over $1 billion in damages.

What has been described as Climate Chaos is quickly becoming the new "normal".
Xweather tells the story of the latest off-the-charts Earth-changing events.

Updated daily, Xweather allows you to easily navigate and access information on particular events. An interactive 3D global landscape contains animated, tap-able markers indicating the most recent extreme weather events around the world.

  • Gorgeous rotatable globe provides a bird's-eye perspective from which to explore the latest extreme weather events, as well as extreme events that have occurred in the same region in the past two years;
  • Tap on any extreme weather icon on the globe to focus on what is happening in that region and access event details;
  • High resolution NASA satellite images are shown for most events, with brief descriptions of the extent of the event and its impacts;
  • Search “nearby” to find out what is happening in your part of the world within a hundred mile radius;
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Xweather is designed by eLoomn LLC, an app development company in Northern California with over 70 years combined experience in environmental issues.